Post-Traumatic Growth

Jul 02, 2024
Post-Traumatic Growth: Certain life events that inspire us to live our lives in a different way.
That, in a nutshell, is what I’ve experienced since releasing three things: sugar, flour and 170 pounds. I’m so thankful for this is my gift. Master reframing 101.
Some would say I suffered for decades being morbidly obese. And now I’m not only physically capable of using any stall, anywhere, any time,  but free, at peace.
Because of the decades of shame and guilt and suffering at the alter of FRANKENFOOD, and because I found the peace of  release, my world has dramatically shifted.
Like driving all night with only the headlights to guide your way... and then the sun rises...Brilliant and full of rich and varied color filled with hope and promise.
That peace washed over me early in my journey.... before releasing even a small fraction of my excess weight. And with two plus years of maintenance under my skinny belt, with hope and joy and peace as my guides, I now get to tackle all the roadblocks that were hidden for decades, numbed by sugar, squelched with the fog of flour, riddled with the shame of obesity.
This Is the path I want you to walk with me to build a bridge over those roadblocks, plant a flower garden around others, blast yet more out of our paths, strengthened with confidence and gratitude for a life well lived.
This Is how I define Where the Magic Happens.

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