Meet Your Team

Sonja Irina Johansen


Sonja, after experiencing her own amazing physical transformation, has assembled this incredible team. Due to her release of 170 pounds, keeping it off since 11/18, and all the other ways she has lived a life overflowing with lessons, she will be offering individual transformational coaching. She will be leading the Magic in Membership as well as providing support throughout for group/individual coaching and sponsorship. Sonja is also available for remote/group retreats to come.

Patricia O'Connor


Patricia Reichgott O’Connor combines the wisdom of a life well lived with her own 12-step experience with her many years of training in Empowerment Coaching, IFS/Parts Work, and The Tools. She brings her unique experience and skillset to her coaching. 

Patricia guides participants through a  step-by-step process that involves no-nonsense, straight talk, within an atmosphere of love and compassion. Those who feel called to work with her and see the process through come out flourishing and living lives they might hitherto not have imagined were possible. 

Jacqui Waters


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Merry Jo DeMarais

I have a bachelor's in personal communications, a master in management with a focus in Organizational Development and the PhD in Leadership focused on self-leadership/self-care. Studies included trauma informed care. I have a certificate in spiritual direction. Trained in esoteric healing / esoteric psychology. I look forward to working with you with focused healing. 

Laura Burnett


Laura is a mother of many young adults/teens, a lover of Joe, a grandmother of Tucker and forever in many hearts of so many. She has a very full life that still affords an incredible Habit Stack – morning and evening. She is your gal for both developing automaticity and will help you find the special pieces necessary to live lively in recovery.

Joan Riley

Joan's master's degree work was in Television Production and her bachelor's in Theater Arts. That combination mixed with 20 years of Toastmasters, where she received their highest awards, makes her well qualified to enhance our visual media. She also has been participating in our programs since the beginning.


Eve Decker


A Dharma teacher, a student of Buddhism and a lifelong learner, Eve combines Music and Meditation and Dharma to teach wisdom of the ages. As talented and wise as she is beautiful.

Crystal Ruzicka


Crystal will be facilitating courageous conversations about diversity as part of the “Where the Magic Happens” subscription program. She offers individual coaching for parents, caregivers, and educators, as well as mentorship and academic support for children and adolescents. 

Sheridan Stewart


Guided Meditations and Visualization,  writer, speaker, and broadcaster.

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