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Reach out and take my hand.  Together we will figure this out!

 Are you Food Obsessed? Do you Isolate?

It can be really scary to let ANYONE in.

It is possible to heal from the reasons why we go to food.  

Staying in our comfort zone feels safe and soothing. AND when we realize we need to shift, why go it alone?

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We each have reasons why we eat.

We know in order to heal we have to peel back the cover.

Life is loaded with struggles: I call them SWCC (Stuff We Can't Control). It's all around us always.

What we get to do is figure out the underlying cause for why we eat and figure out how to heal it.

There's this amazing neurological  function called resonance that actually heals the triggers that activate the amygdala - taking our pre-frontal cortex offline which causes our brain to activate the failsafe mechanism that tries to solve the crisis by the solution that has worked over and over again since we were kids - food.

Guess what happens when the PFC goes offline?

Our thinking brain, the thing that houses our EAP (Emergency Action Plan) - stops working!!! Wha???

It's sick and twisted AND also healable. with time and resonance.

What we get to do is teach our brain to recognize this is an internal threat not an external one.

That is the start to the healing. It takes time. And is doable.


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It's not about the food.

Focusing on the diet and what we eat missed the mark.

~The real reasons we eat.  That could be scary, yes. AND walking through the potential pain holding someone's hand may be the solution.

What if we've been looking at this all wrong?

Can we assume that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

We have healing happening if you're open to the leap.

Have you ever heard of resonance? We have seen it over and over - the healing that happens when we can experience resonance. You are not alone.  But it sure feels that way when we isolate, hide, covertly eat in shame and guilt and judgement. Let's  walk this journey together, in a trusted environment, to heal those triggers, calm your stress and leap into the Iife you deserve. 

Eating stuff we shouldn't... UGH!!!
It's a beacon for solutions.
It's a beautiful neon sign directing us to the real reasons we eat.
We can actually HEAL these emotional and behavioral cues.
We do this with resonance and trusted community... and time and good work.
We will teach you about resonance.
We will help you heal.
Let's Talk

Sonja Irina Johansen

I have a unique perspective, having lived with lifelong food obsession I started healing over 10 years ago.

I literally study the science and psychology of food addiction daily, to open up doors and source new information to help my clients heal the reasons they go to food. 

I began working with clients for years now. Many of the same people are still with me, loving their own individual transformations.

Let's get started!

We have lived decades battling the diets and the weight loss and the weight gain roller coaster.

We have lacerating inner critics.

Many different sizes in our closets.

A cacophonous dialogue analyzing what we should eat, what we can get away with eating, what we want to eat, what we wish we could eat, the only thing on our minds is what’s on the menu, how can I sneak something for later.

And the berating and guilt, shame and judgment flowing like a firehose around and through all our thoughts.


Maybe that’s not actually serving you?

Maybe you can let that all go?

Imagine leaving all of that behind you.

Imagine working with others who are interested in doing the hard, deep work needed to finally shed the ghosts and goblins of food obsession.

We aren’t talking about ending your addiction to overly processed foods.


It can be mainly quieted, however, by looking at the myriad reasons we eat.

We have seen it.

These are the things you CAN HEAL:

  • Emotional reasons - we could list these all day.
  • SWCC (Stuff We Can’t Control) - you know what that is and NO - we can’t change any of this. We can shift our mindset and how we show up which is EVERYTHING.
  • Behavioral patterns - we eat when we are lonely, bored, certain activities, certain events (all of them, potentially)
  • Unconscious Contracts: what we believe…. Is it really true? Are you sure?
  • And last but not least, feelings.

No wonder we struggle. 

It’s really NOT about the food….

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Why are you here?

You’ve read all the way down to this.

So let’s look at what you have.

My experience says you are clouded with expectations and judgments, blame and shame fogging your beautiful bay windows.

The dreams you had when you were young maybe didn’t look like where you are now.

What if the reason you’re here right now is to show you that it is really possible to have that life?

Ok. Maybe it isn’t looking quite like what you expected but it IS still open to options.

We see paths ahead.

You already know what the path that you’ve been on looks like.

Grab our hand and walk with us for a bit.

What if this is the path you are supposed to find?


Let’s do this!


Grab my hand!